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Is your closet a mess? Need a step by step guide to organizing your closet quickly? Here are 3 super-easy steps to purging and organizing any closet. You can do this!!

Step 1 :: Sort Clothes Into Piles

First, start by organizing your closet into piles of clothes. Your piles should look something like this: clothes that you currently wear {no matter what season} clothes you haven’t worn in a long time because they are out of style, don’t fit or you just don’t like, clothes that can be consigned and clothes that can be donated.

    It isn’t an “If” question, it is a “when” question.  When your computer dies, how will you get all of your data back?  Hours, months, and years of information on your hard drive, sitting on a broken PC.  What to do? When this happened to me I was so frustrated!  I am not

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Drawer Organizer Combo :: $29.95 It is very hard to keep the drawers of our dressers organized.  All of the socks, underwear, etc..fall all over in the drawer if there isn’t a container or divider to keep them together.  This solution of the week is the ticket to keeping your drawers organized forever!  Found on

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The best way to stay organized is with a label maker!  You can get one at any office supply store, Target or Walmart for around $35.  These are easy to use and makes your bin or basket look finished. If you spend your time cleaning something out and organizing it, you will save so much time

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